There’s yet no main concept in gathering the materials. What this page will want to publish concern history, religion, humor. It’s main audience are Christians, catholics, people interested in Life questions and spiritual message.

Maintainer: Hannes Heinsar, education (Tallinn Reaalkool, VHK High School., Laagna High School.), in Tallinn, until 1999. 1999-2005 University of Tartu department of Theology (not graduated). Baptised 2000. in St. Pauls church Tartu (Lutheran). Worked as a chaplain in the army (2001), and prison (fall 2002 – spring 2004.). From fall 2004. – fall 2006. in Tartu Catholic School (cleaner, IT man, information manager, PR, webpage, pedagogical practice). From fall 2006 – fall 2007 in Frankfurt Main, Germany (vocation discernment and language study). From 2007 to 2009 technical editor and occasional writer, reporter with Eesti Kirik (Estonian Church). From 2009 to present working in a kindergarten and school.
“A face piece” in Tartu Postimees.
In front of Brandenburg Gate.